about me

Hey there – my name is Joey

and I’d like to be a kind little robot, with real emotions & organs… 🙂

Ok, let me try to „biograph“ myself. 😉

That’s what is expected here on such website, doesn’t it?

Actually there is just nonsense to tell about me, but my doctor says I can’t help it and I guess I never will…. 😉

Well here I go (=>>>)


I was born in Leipzig-Germany in 1989 as the son of my parents…. 🙂

But let me skip a bit, I think my childhood was a bit complex and it’s also a little too personal by the way, but you’re free to ask.. 😉

. . . a few years have passed until . . .

in 2001/2002 I started learning on guitar and 2003 my vocal-fascination came along. Around the same time I began to compose my first own songs.

In 2007 I started doing my first demo-recordings at home. I’ve always had a preference for “low-fi” vintage quality. Over the years I taught myself to play various instruments, such as guitar, bass, piano & drums a little bit.

My first real song was called „Lonesome Tender Blues“, which I used to record at Emerald Recording Studio in 2008 (accompanied by the Ray Allen Trio), closely followed and also recorded in the same studio, my two songs „Because I Miss You“ and „Dying A Broken Heart“.

Dying A Broken Heart (2008)
Because I Miss You (2008)

After I finished school in 2007, I finally devoted myself to make music.

In December 2007 I got my first own little band, „The Lonelight Combo“. Since February 2008 I also played more regularly with the „Ray Allen Trio„.

I also played kinda lead-guitar in a country/rockabilly band called „The Bronco Specials“ (2008 – 2011).

In 2011 I moved from Leipzig to Berlin, just to expand my musical spectrum a little and I also wanted to be a little closer to my mom, my brother and my little sister. 🙂

In October 2011 I joined the band „Hot Jumpin‘ Six“ (founded in 2009) as new front-singer – I was active there until October 2018. Beside that I played double-bass in a band called „Little Neal & The Blue Flames“ – I also used to sing some songs there.

The Blue Flames – I Saw Her Standing There (2018) *rehearsal* Vocal: Joey – originally by „The Beatles“ (words & music by Lennon & McCartney)

Other side-projects came from time to time. I played a lot of shows with the „BeatORGANization“ (on vocals & guitar).

The BeatORGANization – Nobody’s Guy (2019) *rehearsal* Vocal: Joey – originally by „The Recalls“ (words & music by Lindsay & Monastesse)

I tried my luck being a DJ (vinyl only) and I used to play a lot of gigs at Bassy Club (Berlin-Germany) and of course many other locations through the country and some in France, Italy. Austria, Hungary, etc.., which I miss a lot by the way … :/

Of course I also became a bit more confident on stage, especially in dealing with people and unpleasant situations. I have my problems here and there, but with more experience over the years I learned to deal a little better with various things that were kinda difficult for me (and still do). I live with „Asperger’s Syndrome„, which was diagnosed when I was 3 or 4 I think (at this time the name was differend to it – it was called just „autism in kid’s age) – in the year of 2007 (in the age of 18) I got my update with the diagnostic called „Asperger“. The years of my later childhood (from the age of 6) have been combined with several tests and examinations and about my early teens – it all stoped finaly in my age of 23 I think… – but my mom & brother helped me all those years to get through with all this.. 🙂

For everyone who thinks I must have been a genius at math & phyics, I have to disappoint you, I’ve been a nutt, in many ways…. 😉 but I still enjoyed it to learn and today I think I just saw things a little differently than my teachers maybe and I had my own point of view or something and these conservative teachers maybe just couldn’t handle it, I really don’t know haha… 😉 Today I’m able to laugh about it… and I mean, I can’t turn back the clock.. 😉

In December 2018 I decided to move back to Leipzig, as kinda “restart” if you want and since May 2019 I’ve been working on my new own band – called just “JB Carter & Band” – which is now complete (see: Music –> JB Carter & Band).

Beside that I used to play kinda lead-guitar for a couple of months in a band called the „Swingin‘ Cash Daddies“ (Rock & Roll/Country/Swing) and in Berlin I also still have a four-piece band called „Good For Nothin‘“ (Primitive 50s Rockabilly) which I’ll keep as side-project I think and I mean Rockabilly lyrics are simple to learn and they’re easy to remember haha… 😉 Just kidding.. 😉

Good For Nothin‘ – (I Got A Feeling) I’m Lonely (2018)

Well, but at the moment (during these pandemic times) it’s unfortunately not possible to perform or rehearse and probably not before summertime.. :/ but so it is and I think these times will come to an, if we wait patiently and stay kind to each other. 🙂

Peace to all people and friendly robots….. 🙂